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More about me

Eirini Miaouli is a Dietitian & Nutritionist, First-class Honours graduate of the Dietetics Faculty of Coventry University UK, with a thesis research in optimal nutrition for endurance & strength sports performance.

She is a Certified Health Coach & Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders & Obesity.

During 2013-2014,  also as a graduate medical & biological labs analyst, she was the lead microbiologist of a well-known diagnostic center, while she has gained 6 years of experience through ~15,000 medical appointments next to a top cardiologist - doctor of internal medicine, handling cases of diabetes, hypertension, obesity as well as cardiovascular & kidney diseases.

With clinical practice in 5 national hospitals, having worked next to some of the best dietitians in Greece, as well as through her experience as the Dietitian of a Kindergarten, and a Founding Member of an Athletic Center that is participating in international competitions, she has specialized in behavior modification programs with the aim of reaching & maintaining a healthy weight in children and adults, and in improving sports performance through nutrition.

Staying up-to-date with latest research and tools, she has attended numerous seminars internationally, as well as courses in Cognitive Fitness and Positive Psychology (HarvardX Medical School) among others.

Eirini has helped people from 22 countries to achieve their health & sports-related goals, becoming knowledgeable about different food preferences and cultures. Her interests lie both on the medical underpinnings of personalized diets, and on the development of delicious recipes inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine that help people achieve optimal health and strong athletic performance.

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